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Quality Control

Checks Before Deployment:

  • Present and past Residence Verification
  • Criminal / Police Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Qualification Verification (Educational Certificates)

Checks During Execution:

  • Duty Hours for Security guard shall not be more than his Shift (i.e. 8hrs/12hrs).
  • Security guard shall works in complete and proper Uniform with polished shoe, I-Card, Whistle, Batten Etc.
  • Security guard should be well trained, disciplined, loyal & hard worker.
  • Deployment of Security Officer at each site to keep everything in control and maintain quality of service.
  • Well trained management team with Ex-Servicemen trainer is being responsible to carryout monthly training.

Checks by office.

  • Regular night visits procedure has to be carried out.
  • Branch General Manager has to make a surprise visit at site every month.
  • Timely payment of security guards has to be done every month.