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Security Service

Safety is a core need for most people in Office, Industries, Institutes, Home, Commercial complex, etc.In navi Mumbai thane there is several incident of theft happened. We are proving sevaral security training programs for our security personnel's from fire fighting to first aid. So that you will get a perfect secure environment for your office ,society, company, school, Hospitals or any area as per your need. We provide security services with the fully well trained guards which help to secure people also property, Home security, Event security, Corporate security and many more.

Security officers are generally uniformed to represent their lawful authority to protect private property. Security guards are generally governed by legal regulations, which set out the requirements for eligibility and the permitted authorities of a security guard. Our guards trained to monitor a settings, including Industries, Offices,corporate buildings, shopping malls, banks, entertainment places, public area and hospitals and which provides armed and security services and expertise to private and public clients.Many of them will even provide advanced special operations services if the client demands it.These services can be broadly described as the protection of personnel and/or assets.

We have forged India’s most formidable strategic alliance in the security industry by joining hands with the world’s leading security equipment company. Employees of private security companies are generally referred to either as security guards or security officers, depending on the laws of the state or country they operate in.A processing or communication service that is provided by a system to give a specific kind of protection to the client.

A security guard or security officer is a employed by a public or private party to protect the Industries, property, Office campus, Industries, IT Industries, Institutes and Commercial Complex, equipment, etc.A a security guard also known as a protective agent to protect the all assets of people.In navi Mumbai thane every assets should be in secure place or should be in safe hand, we have that hand which handle all your problems about the security of your assets.We provide fully satisfied service and provide all our hard work which any people want or hope for there assets or property. We provide CCTV Surveillance system, intrusion detection system, access control system, fire detection system, building management systems etc.

We provide the following Security Services :

  • Advanced Security Services.
  • Lower Threat Environments.
  • Higher Threat Environments.
  • Mobile threats.

Traning of guards :

  • Fire Fighting.
  • Search system.
  • Intelligence collection.
  • Surveillance & Investigation.
  • Communication Skills (Verbal & Telephone)